Pascal's Coffee

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gift Giving Season

As we approach the silly season, is there a better gift to give besides coffee?
Sure, but coffee is still a pretty good one. It still astounds me that a humble drink made from roasted beans is so popular, it's a wonder that it isn't a religious beverage.

So I've roasted off a number of kilos of beans, the most I did was 4kg in one day! That's a huge amount for me to do. Here's some of the result...

This is my 'Brazmatran Blend' it's a nice simple mix of 50/50 Brasil and Sumatran, so far it's popular on many palates. It was blend post roast and there will be other blends that I'll do as we head further into the season.

Thanks to those of you who have seen my site and commented on it, though it is a little surprising what kind of an audience that the site has been attracting, especially with the late night SMS.

I haven't forgot to publish the completed tamping experiment, it is just time is a bit on the sparse side at the moment.