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Monday, October 02, 2006

Getting Naked!

Time to get Naked!

I've had a bottomless portofilter for a while and the novelty has yet to wear off. If fact nearly all the espresso that rolls out is from it, sure it takes a bit longer but it's fun to use.
Here's what one looks like...

The reason to get one is to improve shot consistency and tamping (compressing grounds into the basket). I haven't taken any more photos of late here's a few from before ..

Una Ristretto

Although there are a few patches as the shot starts, it draws together for an even extraction and importantly it was delicious. The tiger stripping is great and often it has 3 seperate streams before forming a uniformed pour.

Here's an interesting one. This is an uneven firm tamp, but it did not gush like a channelled shot, it's easy to see why the "naked" has a legendary status.

If you are thinking about getting a naked or making one, which is simple enough... do it! It's worth it. Naked is downright exciting and is awesome way to make shot consistant.

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